Thursday, November 20, 2014

Cop Who Shot St. Louis Black Teen Has Racist and Anti-Gay Facebook Page

Jason Flanery (Instagram)
There are some very good police officers.  But there are some who should never wear a badge and carry a gun because they are bigots who care nothing for the rights - or lives - of those they deem "other."  Unfortunately, most police departments are more concerned about protecting their image than weeding out the bad apples.  Years ago when I was out with Wayne Besen I had my own run in with some Norfolk police who thought harassing gays was great sport.  When I filed a complaint, internal affairs fell all over itself to protect the officers involved.  

It seems something similar is going on in St. Louis where Jason H. Flanery, the off duty officer who shot and killed VonDerrit Myers Jr., had every indication of trouble waiting to happen.  Thanks to Facebook we are getting a glimpse of Flannery's anti-black and anti-gay mindset.  Read a reprint of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch story at The Raw Story.  The take away?  People like Flannery should never be police officers.

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