Sunday, January 12, 2014

McAuliffe Cites Gay Rights in Inaugural Address

The Christofascists must have been convulsing with spittle running down their faces as Terry McAuliffe made his inaugural address.  McAuliffe stands for pretty much everything the Christofascists at The Family Foundation are against.  The hate mongers must have been particularly distressed to hear McAuliffe's references to gays and gay rights.  Here are excerpts from his address via the Richmond Times Dispatch:
My administration will work tirelessly to ensure that those opportunities are equal for all of Virginia’s children:
No matter if you’re a girl or a boy,

No matter what part of the commonwealth you live in,

No matter your race or religion,

And no matter whom you love.

There is still work to do. We must work to ensure that the children of new immigrants to Virginia have equal educational opportunities.
To ensure that someone can’t lose a job simply because they are gay.

And to ensure that every woman has the right to make her own personal health care decisions.

An open and welcoming state is critical in a 21st-century economy. But, it is also an imperative for justice and fairness . . . .
The contrast with what a Cuccinelli governorship would have ushered in could not be more stark: more racism, more homophobia, more religious extremism, and rights and benefits for the few.  We can only hope that Cuccinelli's political career is over forever.

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