Sunday, December 08, 2013

Cuccinelli Rules Out Future Run for Public Office

Based on comments at the misnamed Republican Advance - "retreat" or "regression" might be better words than "advance" for a party trying to drag the Virginia and the nation back to the 1950's  - at the Homestead Resort, Ken Cuccinelli, a/k/a Kookinelli, has ruled out running for office in the future.  If Kookinelli's statements are true - admittedly a big if given Kookinelli's propensity to lie - Virginia may dodge a further doses of Kookinelli's extreme religious motivated batshitery, causing many Virginians to feel as if they have dodged contracting a contagious disease.  If we are lucky, Kookinelli will fade from the scene entirely.  Virginia is changing and Cuccinelli's brand of extremism and bigotry will hopefully become less and less accepted in Virginia save perhaps in backward, knuckle dragging areas of the state that will have less influence as time goes by.  It is perhaps ironic that wintery weather forced many of the Christofascists and Teabagists that make up the Virginia GOP base to leave the event early causing Cuccinelli to address a half empty room. Here are highlights from Politico:

HOT SPRINGS, Va. — Ken Cuccinelli faulted the Republicans who lacked faith in him during the home stretch of the Virginia governor’s race Saturday night.

Fighting back tears through a surprise, 30-minute dinner speech to party activists at The Homestead Resort, the attorney general recounted a phone conversation with his finance chairman, Pete Snyder, two weeks before Election Day.
“I said, ‘This wave’s really happening. We’ve just got to raise enough money to buy a surfboard,’” Cuccinelli recalled. “And we didn’t.”

Cuccinelli, 45, suggested he will not seek public office again – specifically ruling out a run against Sen. Mark Warner (D) next year.
“I don’t mind not having an elected role in about a month or so. I’ve been in office 11 years,” he said. “I look forward to a little bit of a break. … but I’ll be back with you. I’m not talking as a candidate, but just fighting for these principles because I believe in them.”

Texas Gov. Rick Perry was supposed to keynote the gala at the annual Republican Party of Virginia “Advance” conference, but an ice storm forced him to cancel. A treacherous forecast also prompted a few hundred attendees to leave here early. So half the ballroom was empty, and only one print reporter remained.

Cuccinelli made light of his fundraising struggles in a state where candidates can accept unlimited contributions, but where he never ingratiated himself with the Richmond business elite and did not cultivate a needed network of major donors until it was too late.

Through the speech, Cuccinelli warned the party against compromising because of his defeat. He said Republicans “can’t be shy about speaking up” for conservatism.

If Cuccinelli were smart, he address his apparent sexuality issues that motivate his obsession with gays and all things sexual.  Perhaps a mental health intervention is in order. 

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