Monday, October 14, 2013

Bahamas Cruise - Day One at Sea

As the image above indicates, the weather yesterday when we sailed from Norfolk left a great deal to be desired and the seas got rather rough - the water in one pool on the fantail was drained because it was sloshing over the sides of the pool and wetting down the surrounding restaurant area.  Our group was unfazed and we had cocktails, dinner and a merry time.  Thankfully, we had booked a cabin on one lower levels of the ship without a balcony (it gives you a much larger stateroom) which is the place to be when waves are making a 110,000 ton ship rock and roll.

This morning was a total transformation and we have enjoyed a warm sunny day and have lazed on deck reading and enjoying the views of the gorgeous royal blue colored sea.  As it turns out, we have our own "Friends of Dorothy" crowed from Hampton Roads and tonight about 20+ of us are going to dine in as close proximity as possible.  Our table at dinner tonight is pictured below.  Our favorite bartender from last year is aboard and it will be fun chatting with her more over the course of the cruise.  Many of the public rooms have been redecorated since we sailed on the Glory last year, including the dance club.  Hopefully, the new D.J. is decent because the one last year sucked big time and would have had a hard time making it in even a third or fourth rate club in Hampton Roads.

Tomorrow we arrive in Nassau and, as we did last year, we plain on walking to a beach not too far from the cruise ship terminal where we can rent lounge chairs and sample frozen drinks and conch fritters and other local treats from a restaurant across the street from the beach.  Unlike Virginia, drinking on a public beach is not an issue.

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