Sunday, September 01, 2013

Far Right: Chris Christie "Leads a Sex Cult Determined to Extreminate Christian Morals"

One really does have to wonder if it's possible for the Christofascists to get any crazier., but with New Jersey recently banning "ex-gay" therapy for minors and the 9th Circuit upholding California's ban, the mentally untethered "godly Christian" crowd seems to be growing ever more hysterical and delusional.  The good aspect of all of this, of course, is that the craziness will drive yet more people away for the Christofascist agenda and religion in general.  A column in the America Thinker - I know, it's an oxymoron given the Christofascist aversion to thinking - illustrates just how nuts these people have become.  If anyone wants to establish a theocracy akin to Saudi Arabia, its the Christofascists, not progressives.   Here are excerpts from a screed entitled "Conversion Therapy Law Threatens Christians" attacking New Jersey Governor Chris Christie:

When Chris Christie signed a law against conversion therapy directed at counseling teens experiencing homoerotic feelings, he probably didn't think he had just put New Jersey on a path similar to countries like Saudi Arabia, which forbids conversion from the prevailing Muslim faith.

But forbidding efforts to convert is essentially what the governor did.  He expressly forbade conversion from the prevailing progressive religion, whose chief doctrine is that sexual behavior, including the homoerotic behavior of some children, is a sacred, infallible, and therefore unchangeable indicator of what human identity entails.

We can suspect that the real goal is to make sure no one other than progressive high priests of sex counsel youngsters about sexuality.  The unstated companion goal is the elimination of Christian and other conservative therapists from the profession.
In addition to overlooking the abusive conversion therapy already going on in our public schools and workplaces, the law also usurps the rights of devout parents to employ a licensed therapist who retains Judeo-Christian sexual ethics.  The law ensures that if your kid has expressed homoerotic feelings, he will get a progressive high priest as his or her counselor -- one who reinforces homoeroticism.  There will be no licensed therapist who shares your religious views, because Christian therapists will lose their licenses.  Your child will be the equivalent of a janissary, a forced convert to a religion not your own.  

Note how the mindset is that children are property and that parents should be able to subject minors to whatever insanity and religious based abuse they want.  Every legitimate mental health and medical association condemns "ex-gay" therapy, but in the minds of the "godly folk" the harm done to children simply doesn't matter.  It's ALL about the parents' right to impose batshitery on their children.   In my view, the law doesn't go far enough.  It should be illegal for parents to subject their children to this quackery which can still go on through unlicensed church based programs.  They parents need to be prosecuted for child abuse.  Just like those who deprive their children of necessary medical treatment b=due to delusional religious belief.  The rights and well being of the child should trump the ignorance and stupidity of the parents.
The New Civil Rights Movement states the situation well.  It's the parents, not the gay children who need the therapy because it is they, not their children who obviously suffer from mental illness or some kind of psychosis:
The obvious question here, of course, is why any child who is LGBT or questioning their sexuality actually needs a therapist in the first place to somehow right a “wrong”? Kids in new Jersey who come out don’t automatically go to a shrink. Perhaps if their parents are people like Voshell, they need help and support, but not the children, any more than they would if they “revealed” they were left handed, or red-haired, or liked chocolate.
One last note. Voshell’s bio says that she “holds a M.Div. from Princeton Theological Seminary, which awarded her the Charles Hodge Prize for excellence in systematic theology.” A lengthy web search could find no evidence of the existence of the “Charles Hodge Prize for excellence in systematic theology,” or any “Charles Hodge Prize” at all, sans references in Voshell’s own bio. We searched Google and the Princeton Theological Seminary, with no other results. A call to the Princeton Theological Seminary netted an “I’ve never heard of that,” and we were asked to call another day.
Thus it would seem that the author, like so many of the supposed "experts" utilized by the Christofascists has manufactured her credentials knowing that the imbeciles who read such garbage will never bother to check to see that the credentials are bogus.  When a Christofascist's lips are
moving, the safest bet is that they are lying.  Lying has apparently become a "Christian" value.

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