Friday, August 23, 2013

Charlottesville, Virginia Considering Same-Sex Mariage Ordinance

Charlottesville City Hall
Charlottesville, Virginia, the home of the University of Virginia is among the most liberal cities in Virginia outside of perhaps Alexandria located just across the Potomac from Washington, D.C. Now, Charlottesville is considering an ordinance that will drive Ken Cuccinelli, the lunatic "Bishop" W. W. Jackson, and Mark Obenshain to have spittle flecked conniption fits: an ordinance extending benefits, including health care, to city employees with same-sex partners who were legally married outside Virginia.  The animus based Marshall-Newman Amendment seeks to bar any legal recognition of same sex relationships whatsoever.  Hence, such an ordinance would be tantamount to giving the knuckle dragging Neanderthals who pushed passage of the Amendment - and falsely advertised what it would mean - the middle finger.  The Daily Progress has details:

The Charlottesville City Council is considering an ordinance extending benefits, including health care, to city employees with same-sex partners who were legally married outside Virginia. In Monday’s council meeting, Councilor Dave Norris presented the legislation, which is identical to a July proposal in Richmond City Council.  
“Spouses, at such time it is permitted by state law, should be defined to include same sex partners in marriages that legally occurred in another state,” Richmond’s ordinance summary reads. “With the recent Supreme Court opinion regarding the Defense of Marriage Act … this definition of spouse is consistent with the federal definition of spouse.”

“I thought it was something that Charlottesville should do,” Norris said.

“The value in taking a symbolic stance is that Charlottesville supports equality,” Norris said.
Norris said he would like to see if there are ways to proceed with the ordinance “in the spirit of the Supreme Court ruling and fairness,” he said. “But it may end up that it would be symbolic.”

Vice mayor Kristin Szakos, who also supports the ordinance, said she thinks it can be a message of intent, even if it is not able to be acted upon.

Szakos said the city does currently provide “certain benefits to married couples,” but is not able to extend some benefits, including health care, to same-sex partners.

“If public response is any indication, the proposal will be supported overwhelmingly,” he said.  “I’ve heard only positive responses so far,” Szakos said.
Charlottesville needs to pass the ordinance and grant benefits.  Let Cuccinelli then file suit to enforce and unconstitutional Amendment.  Although Cuccinelli doesn't grasp the concept, the U. S. Constitution trumps the Virginia Constitution.

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