Thursday, March 07, 2013

Personhood Mississippi Seeks Second Statewide Vote

I am beginning to think that the water is tainted in states like Mississippi, Arkansas and Louisiana where the Christofascists continue to be obsessed with ending all abortions and pat themselves on the back for being "pro-life" even as they support draconian GOP policies that slash aid to poor children and the nation's most needy.  It seems that once one is no longer a fetus, one becomes disposable trash to these folks.  Now, Personhood Mississippi is striving to have another statewide ballot in Mississippi that would amend the state's constitution to grant all the rights of citizens ship to fetus from the moment of conception.  I'm not pro-abortion by any means, but these people are crazy not to mention complete hypocrites given their contempt and hatred for the already living.  Here are highlights from Raw Story:

Opponents of abortion in Mississippi on Tuesday filed paperwork to place a so-called “fetal personhood” amendment on the state’s ballot in 2015, according to the Associated Press.
Les Riley of Personhood Mississippi said voters were “confused” when they rejected a nearly identical proposal in 2011.

The proposed ballot initiative seeks to outlaw abortion by declaring that “the right to life begins at conception.” The initiative also states, “All human beings, at every stage of development, are unique, created in God’s image, and shall enjoy the inalienable right to life as persons under the law.”

Once the Mississippi Secretary of State’s office finalizes the ballot title and summary, the sponsors of the initiatives will need to collect nearly 108,000 signatures within 12 months.

Critics of the proposed amendment alleged in 2011 that it would not only outlaw abortion, but would likely also prohibit common forms of birth control, the treatment of ectopic pregnancy, in vitro fertilization treatment, and stem cell research. The amendment would also contradict the Supreme Court’s key Roe v. Wade ruling.

It also goes without saying that the folks at Personhood Mississippi have no problem depriving gays - and probably blacks and Hispanic - civil rights that they seek to reserve to themselves and fetuses.  Here in Virginia virulently anti-gay Del. Bob Marshall has continued to push a personhood amendment which to date has been killed in the General Assembly.  Like his Mississippi counterparts, Marshall doesn't give a damn about large portions of already living Virginians.

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