Saturday, March 23, 2013

More Insane Blather from "Ex-Gay" Proponents

A couple of posts on this blog looking at  the fraudulent "ex-gay" ministries  - seemingly always staffed by "ex-gays for pay" (most of whom always blame their sexual orientation rather than the insane faith traditions in which they were raised for their previously down and out lives due to bad choices on drugs and alcohol)  - have seemingly rankled some Kool-Aid drinkers.  These folk continue to live in a fantasy world where what they want to believe based on religious brainwashing trumps objective reality and legitimate medical and mental health knowledge.  Here is a sample of the types of comments left that I did not give dignity to by publishing.  The comment addresses failed "ex-gay" Matthew Manning and the demise of LightHouse World Evangelism, Inc:
Matthew Manning was touched by God, healed by God, and he apparently failed God in his ministry. This happens to many people for many reasons - lack of prayer life - lack of commitment - lack of time spent meditating and studying the Word, celebrity status - So what. That doesn't make Christianity false. .  .  .  .  I believe Matthew is still a believer and will regret the great opportunity he missed to be a light to the gay/lesbian community. But there are many others who have been successful in giving up sexually immoral lifestyles for God and those who fail, well.. God doesn't fail them.  Your accusation that all Christian ministry is conducted for money is ridiculous and outrageous. Jesus is very real to us. :)

I'm sorry, but go to any mental hospital and I suspect you will find patients who believe in invisible friends, think that the government has put implants in their heads and any number of other batshit crazy things.  These individuals may fervently believe their lunacies, but it doesn't make them any less untrue.  Self-deception and denial don't change objective reality.  As for the "many others" the The bottom line is that Matthew Manning was trying to be something that he will never be: straight.  And no one outside of the politically and financial "ex-gay" industry and ignorant by choice Christofascists believes otherwise.

The authors of these comments are free to believe whatever lunacy they want, but that right does not mean they have the right to try to impose their insane beliefs on all of society.  Yet that's the agenda of the "ex-gay" crowd.  And they work hand in glove with the hate groups who work to deprive LGBT citizens of equality under the civil laws.

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