Saturday, March 02, 2013

Al Qaeda Joins Ranks With NOM and Family Researc Council

I often refer to the Christofascists and the hysterically anti-gay professional Christian crowd as the Christian Taliban because their desire for an over throw of democracy in favor of a theocracy mirrors that of the Taliban and its allies in Al Qaeda.  Now, the merger of the two forms of religious based hatred and oppression are on the verge of merging as Al Qaeda joins NOM and Family Research Council in attacking gay marriage and Barack Obama for his emerging recognition of the rights of LGBT Americans.  Here are highlights from Joe Jervis' blog that look at the alignment of these hate organizations:

The Family Research Council and NOM have a new ally in the battle against same-sex marriage. Yesterday Al Qaeda published the above full-page graphic in Inspire, their English-language magazine. Will Brian Brown or Tony Perkins denounce their new BFFs? Or will this be one of those "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" sort of things? 

As the New York Daily News reports in an article entitled TORCHING, AMBUSH and HIT LISTS: Newest issue of Al Qaeda magazine 'Inspire' is Out With lots of How-toTips for Homegrown Terrorists, Inspire magazine is full of hints and tips that ought to frighten sane, law abiding Americans.  Here are a few highlights:

The magazine typically showcases graphic features that explain how to carry out non-traditional acts of terrorism.

The latest issue, which unapologetically shows readers how to turn a parking lot into a massive fire bomb, is no exception.

In a section titled "Open Source Jihad," writers explain to readers how to blow up parking lots and cause horrific car accidents. The instructions, which include "don't get petrol on yourself" are very thorough.

Another terrifying feature titled “Causing Road Accidents,” by an author identified only by the alias AQ Chef, outlines how, “following simple instructions,” you, too, “can carry out a lethal ambush.”

“There is no retaliation face to face, just place and vanish,” states the article, which painstakingly reveals how to grease windy roads with oil so thoroughly that cars slip off it and crash.

But the latest issue of Inspire doesn’t focus solely on lethal techniques. It also harps on specific murder targets.  In yet another perverted section, this one titled “Yes We Can: A Bullet A Day Keep The Infidel Away,” the magazine lays out a hit list list of men “WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE FOR CRIMES AGAINST ISLAM.”

Huffington Post also looks at NOM and FRC's new ideological ally on the issue of gay marriage.  The saying goes that one is known by the company they keep and on the issue of gays and gay marriage, NOM, FRC, the Mormon Church, Roman Catholic Church - and yes, the GOP - are keeping some very scary company.

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