Monday, February 11, 2013

Christofascists: We're Not Saying Gays Are Pedophiles, But…

As noted in a prior blog post, I've been in dialogue with Pastor Will Coats who recently gave several anti-gay sermons that seemed to parrot some of the worse deliberate anti-gays lies of the professional Christian crowd and the falsely self-named "family values" organizations.  Whether or not Coats is willing to be educated on the truth remains to be seen, but the avalanche of examples of the hate, animus and outright lies of the Christofascist forces just keeps on coming.  Right Wing Watch has captured hate group American Family Association’s Sandy Rios and Peter LaBarbera, a/k/a Porno Pete, of Americans For Truth About Homosexuality (Porno Pete's latest one man vehicle for schilling for money peddling anti-gay lies), equating gays with pedophiles and then trying to pretend that they had not said what they just said.  The always despicable Linda Harvey was caught engaging in the same dishonest behavior.  Here are highlights:

As soon as the story broke that the Boy Scouts of America was considering a change in its national ban on gay members, Religious Right leaders immediately claimed that such a move would lead to an increase in child abuse in the Scouts.

But in a desperate attempt to play the victim, the very same conservative activists are now upset that they are facing criticism over their attempts to connect homosexuality with pedophilia.

The American Family Association’s Sandy Rios invited Peter LaBarbera of Americans For Truth About Homosexuality onto her show today to defend her repeated attempts to link homosexuality with pedophilia, all the while claiming that she didn’t really say it, except that she did.

Rios: The push back to me about this topic, I get emails about ‘how dare you say that,’ they say that I say this, I didn’t, but I am indicating it or hinting at it, that all homosexuals would go into Scouting because they were recruiting, looking for love interests, sexual objects. Is that fair Peter?

LaBarbera: I just think there’s so many levels on the Scout issue. First of all, just the whole thing of biology, I have a thirteen year old daughter, I don’t care how noble a guy is I wouldn’t want him out in a tent with my daughter. Do we want these young boys—and the fact is you read the writings of some of these men, I’m sorry it’s not nice, ‘hairless boys,’ you see this in the writings over the years, do we want that temptation in the Scouts? No. Also it’s already on record. We know that homosexual pedophiles go where the boys are. Whether it’s the Catholic Church, the schools, coaches—

Rios: Shall we say Jerry Sandusky.

LaBarbera: Jerry Sandusky, the Boy Scouts. This is already a record. Homosexuality and the Boy Scouts do not mix and it’s just something that’s not appropriate and parents don’t need that worry. You have the fact of the other problem, which there’s a lot of in homosexual life, is this boy-on-boy predations.
Responding to a listener named Lawrence, Rios said that schools should once again prohibit gays and lesbians from teaching or any job involving children because they have “sexual aberrations in their life,” arguing that openly gay teachers “opened the gates to all kind of stuff” like female teachers who sleep with male students.
Like Rios, Linda Harvey of Mission America also played the victim by explaining that anti-gay discrimination is necessary or otherwise people like her would feel discriminated against.

On her daily radio alert, she said that boys will be “preyed upon” and face “mental, spiritual and possibly physical corruption” if the ban on gay members is lifted, which she says “would amount to blatant anti-Christian, anti-common sense discrimination.”

Never mind that most pedophiles and child molesters are HETEROSEXUAL MEN.   Rios and LaBarbera never let the truth and accurate facts get in the way of their agenda to malign and denigrate gays stirring up as my anti-gay hate and animus as possible among their ignorant listeners.  Yes, it's disgusting stuff, but all too typical of these people and their organizations.  It is little wonder that both have been registered as hate groups by the Southern Poverty Law Center - the same organization that tracks Neo-Nazi and white supremacy groups.  As I advised Pastor Coats, if he wants to be taken seriously outside of knuckle dragging Neanderthal Christianist groups, the first step is to stop citing the faux research of discredited frauds and to stop repeating deliberate lies disseminated by AFA, LaBarbera, FRC, and similar hate merchant groups and individuals.

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