Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Proud Embrace of Ignorance

With the world, the scope of knowledge and technology changing at breath taking speed, nations and societies that embrace change and strive to meet the new challenges through innovation will prosper.  Those that do not will be doomed to fade to second tier status.  After World War I, many in Britain - especially conservatives - failed to grasp that it would never be possible to return to the pre-war era.  One consequence was that Britain began its slide from world super power status even though the full result wasn't realized until after World War II.  Here in America we stand poised at a similar cross roads where we can try to pretend it is still 1950 or face and embrace the new world we face.  Sadly, the Christofascists and Tea Party and their political prostitutes in the Republican Party seem determined to pursue the path to decline and second tier status.  The image above from Joe Jervis' blog sums up the mindset that these people who in their self-congratulatory piety are working diligently to lead the nation to long term disaster.  I find these people frightening. 

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