Saturday, December 22, 2012

Vatican Seeks Alliance Against Gay Rights

While continuing to engage in a criminal conspiracy to coddle and protect child rapists and to avoid paying meaningful compensation to victims of clerical sexual abuse, Pope Benedict XVI - who ought to be behind bars for his protection of predators - has signaled that the Vatican invites a inter-faith alliance to fight the advancement of gay rights and same sex marriage in particular.  The move is symptomatic of the moral bankruptcy and psychosis that plagues the bitter old closeted queens in dresses who make up the highest ranks of the Catholic Church hierarchy.   Personally, I find the situation mind boggling: loving committed relationships of gay couples are deemed evil by the Church, but the sexual abuse of minors and youths under droit du seigneur mentality is perfectly fine unless, of course, the public finds out about the sexual abuse.  Such is the upside down morality of the Church leadership.  Reuters looks at Benedict XVI latest assault on gays and equality under the civil laws.  Here are highlights:

The pope's latest denunciation of gay marriage came in a Christmas address to Vatican officials in which he blended religion, philosophy, anthropology and sociology to illustrate the position of the Roman Catholic Church.

The Vatican has gone on the offensive in response to gains for gay marriage in the United States and Europe, using every possible opportunity to denounce it through papal speeches or editorials in its newspaper or on its radio station.

Throwing the full weight of his office behind a study by France's chief rabbi on the effects the legalization of gay marriage would have on children and society, he said: "There is no denying the crisis that threatens it (the family) to its foundations - especially in the Western world."

Speaking in the frescoed Clementine Hall of the Vatican's Apostolic Palace, the 85-year-old pope said the family was being threatened by "a false understanding of freedom" and a repudiation of life-long commitment in heterosexual marriage.  .  .  .  . The "pre-ordained duality of man and woman" had to be respected, he said, if families and children were not to lose their place and dignity.

In some countries, the Catholic Church has already joined forces with Jews, Muslims and members of other religions to oppose the legalization of gay marriage, in some cases presenting arguments based on legal, social and anthropological analyses rather than religious teachings.

Significantly, the pope specifically praised as "profoundly moving" a study by Gilles Bernheim, France's chief rabbi, which has become the subject of heated debate in that country.  Bernheim, also a philosopher, argues that homosexual rights groups "will use gay marriage as a Trojan Horse" in a wider campaign to "deny sexual identity and erase sexual differences" and "undermine the heterosexual fundamentals of our society".

If Benedict wants to cling to a 13th century understanding of mankind and sexuality, then the trade off should be that his medical care should be limited to 13th century medical practices.  That way we'd be rid of the lying hypocrite in no time and he could take up his reserved seat in Hell.

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