Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Quote of the Day: Andrew Sullivan on What Yesterday Means

There will be many more battles to move the nation forward towards equality for all citizens especially here in Virginia where the Republican Party increasingly is synonymous with religious based bigotry, thinly veiled white supremacy and homophobia.  But, perhaps time will show that yesterdays election results, including the votes on gay marriage referenced in the prior post, were a seismic event that politicians and political parties can ignore only at their own peril.  Andrew Sullivan sums it up this way:

[O]ne felt something tectonic shift tonight. America crossed the Rubicon of every citizen's access to healthcare, and re-elected a black president in a truly tough economic climate. The shift toward gay equality is now irreversible. The end of prohibition of marijuana is in sight. Women, in particular, moved this nation forward - pragmatically, provisionally, sensibly. They did so alongside the young whose dedication to voting was actually greater this time than in 2008, the Latino voters who have made the current GOP irrelevant, and African-Americans, who turned up in vast numbers, as in 2008, to put a period at the end of an important sentence.  That sentence will never now be unwritten. By anyone.
That's not to say the Christofascists and the racists in the GOP will not try to roll back time.  I just hope their defeats become more numerous and decisive.

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