Monday, November 19, 2012

GOP Utter Lunacy in Georgia - Fears of "Mind Control"

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Just when one thinks that the Republican Party cannot sink any lower or become any more mentally unbalanced, somewhere the lunatics who now comprise the GOP base and their Christianist/Tea Party puppets prove the batshitery is only getting worse.  I've said before that to be a Republican nowadays, it is a prerequisite that one either have a lobotomy or be insane.  In Georgia, the GOP apparently is pushing the latter requirement.  How else to describe a GOP party sponsored briefing on an alleged "Secret Obama Mind-Control Plot."   I swear, fiction writers don't come up with stuff this crazy.  I'd also add that, if any mind control is going on, it would seem to be in the GOP where ignorance is embraced, science is rejected, and the party base lives in a reality free bubble.  Here are highlights from a piece in Mother Jones that looks at the escapees from the mental ward in the Georgia GOP:

President Obama is using a Cold War-era mind-control technique known as "Delphi" to coerce Americans into accepting his plan for a United Nations-run communist dictatorship in which suburbanites will be forcibly relocated to cities. That's according to a four-hour briefing delivered to Republican state senators at the Georgia state Capitol last month.

On October 11, at a closed-door meeting of the Republican caucus convened by the body's majority leader, Chip Rogers, a tea party activist told Republican lawmakers that Obama was mounting this most diabolical conspiracy. The event—captured on tape by a member of the Athens-based watchdog Better Georgia (who was removed from the room after 52 minutes)—had been billed as an information session on Agenda 21, a nonbinding UN agreement that commits member nations to promote sustainable development. In the eyes of conservative activists, Agenda 21 is a nefarious plot that includes forcibly relocating non-urban-dwellers and prescribing mandatory contraception as a means of curbing population growth.

About 23 minutes into the briefing, Searcy explained how President Obama, aided by liberal organizations like the Center for American Progress and business groups like local chambers of commerce, are secretly using mind-control techniques to push their plan for forcible relocation on the gullible public:
They do that by a process known as the Delphi technique. The Delphi technique was developed by the Rand Corporation during the Cold War as a mind-control technique. It's also known as "consensive process." But basically the goal of the Delphi technique is to lead a targeted group of people to a pre-determined outcome while keeping the illusion of being open to public input.
Obama, of course, has taken no steps to bring the United States under the control of a United Nations sustainable-development-themed dictatorship. (Environmental groups complain that he hasn't even taken sufficient action to combat climate change.) But that hasn't stopped state legislatures and local conservative groups from taking aim at the perceived threat. In May, the Kansas Legislature approved a resolution blocking Agenda 21 from being implemented in its state, following in the footsteps of Tennessee. Rogers, the Georgia Senate majority leader, introduced legislation in January that would have blocked the nonbinding UN resolution from being applied to his state.  

If it seems as if Rogers is just repeating John Birch Society conspiracies, he is—literally. As in Tennessee, large portions of his 2012 bill, SR 270, were lifted word-for-word from draft legislation prepared by the Birchers.

I continue to ask myself how people become so utterly insane and out of touch with even a semblance of objective reality.  It's frightening that people this insane are on the loose, much less members of a state legislature.

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