Thursday, November 15, 2012

GOP Rep. Scott "Sanctity Of Marriage" DesJarlais Exposed As Serial Adulterer

As I have pondered before, why is it almost always the "family values" Republicans who loudly proclaim their support for the "sanctity of marriage" who are the ones caught having adulterous affairs?  Yes, once in a while a Democrat will be caught in inappropriate relationships, but for each of those there seem to be a dozen or some married Republicans caught either having adulterous affairs or soliciting gay sex.  Tennessee Congressman Scott DesJarlais (pictured above), a Republican, who was swept into office in 2010 as part of the Tea Party wave, has again proved the phenomenon.  Here are highlights from Times Free Press:

Obtained by the Chattanooga Times Free Press, the couple’s 2001 trial transcript also confirms DesJarlais had sexual relationships with at least two patients, three coworkers and a drug representative while he was chief of staff at Grandview Medical Center in Jasper, Tenn. During one affair with a female patient, DesJarlais prescribed her drugs, gave her an $875 watch and bought her a plane ticket to Las Vegas, records show.

DesJarlais spokesman Robert Jameson did not respond to requests for comment. The attorney for the congressman's ex-wife said that at this point she does not have any comments to issue on her ex-husband's testimony.

The transcript corroborates accounts given to the Times Free Press in October by one of the patients who had a sexual relationship with DesJarlais. The newspaper continues to grant her anonymity, along with all the women due to the nature of the testimony.

DesJarlais, a family-values conservative who rode 2010’s tea party wave to Washington, testified his ex-wife’s earlier abortion stemmed from medical concerns.

The Tennessee Democratic Party had attempted to obtain the transcript before the Nov. 6 election, but the court delayed the process because the document was not typed up in its complete form.
But the party shrugged off the political tardiness of the revelations, saying the transcript rightly jeopardizes DesJarlais’ still-active medical license and congressional future.

There is much more in the story which seems to prove that no one lies more and is guilty of as much hypocrisy than a "family values" Republican.   I might also add that straight men like DesJarlais REALLY need to take better care of themselves.  He's 12 years younger than me and he looks like Hell.  I shudder to think what his paramours may have looked like.

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