Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Ann "Marie Antoinette" Romney Booked to Speak at FRC Hate Fest

UPDATED: Ann Romney declines Value Voters hate fest appearance: Apparently, someone in the Romney-Ryan campaign woke up to the downside of Ann "Marie Antoinette" Romney appearing at the September 14th coven of haters being sponsored by three hate groups.  While appeasing the Christofascists and constituting a form of kneeling and kissing Tony Perkins' ring, her appearance would have done nothing but further reinforce the negative image of the GOP and Mitt Romney in particular disseminated through the GOP convention.  One has to wonder why she ever originally accepted the invitation.

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While Ann "Marie Antoinette" Romney recently refused to to answer questions about same-sex marriage and contraception which she dismissed as distractions "from what the real voting issue is going to be" in the November election, she is now booked to speak at the Family Research Council/Liberty Counsel/American Family Association sponsored "Values Voter Summit" on September 14th - an event that typically becomes a hate fest against gays, liberals, contraception/abortion and non-whites and immigrants.  Needless to say, it seems a bit bizarre that Marie Antoinette refused to address the issues that predominate the hate fest yet now will be a headliner at this always foul and divisive event.  Right Wing Watch looks at this development.  Here are highlights:

Ann Romney, the person tasked with humanizing her husband Mitt, is apparently scheduled to address a conference that dehumanizes others. I’m talking about the Values Voter Summit, which is hosted and sponsored by three Southern Poverty Law Center-designated hate groups – the Family Research Council, American Family Association and Liberty Counsel.The National Journal Daybook and Values Voter Summit website both list Ann Romney on the schedule.
Notably absent from the list is Cardinal Timothy Dolan, whose spokesperson pointedly declined FRC’s invitation. Yet there Ann Romney is.
It’s an odd move by the Romney campaign. They’ve previously deployed her to show the softer side of Mitt. Now they’re sending her to stand on stage with a man who paid $83,000 to use David Duke’s mailing list and addressed a white supremacist group while in public office. The same person – Tony Perkins – also praised a law in Uganda to execute gays and warned senators they would have “the blood of innocent soldiers on their hands” if they repealed Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.

Ryan and Ann Romney, if she appears, will be speaking on stage with Perkins in a lineup that includes Kirk Cameron and Michele Bachmann. They’ll be kicking off a conference that features a who’s who of Todd Akin backers (e.g. Mike Huckabee and Rep. Steve King) and anti-Muslim McCarthyites (e.g. Frank Gaffney and Jerry Boykin). And, of course, there will be gay-bashers – featured speakers like Perkins and Liberty Counsel’s Mat Staver, who recently defended Malawi’s law criminalizing homosexuality. They would push for the same thing here in America if they thought they could pull it off. In fact, FRC’s Peter Sprigg and the American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer have already done so.
One can only assume that Mitt Romney is so desperate to firm up the Christofascist vote that he's literally willing to prostitute his wife to some of the vilest individuals in the GOP if not the country. The question is, does Marie Antoinette realize that she's being offered up like some kind of tawdry whore to these people?  People that would seem to be within her "you people" remark but for the color of their skin.

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