Thursday, August 09, 2012

Pennsylvania Reunion Weekend - The Ya Ya Brotherhood

The house sitter is all lined up and the bags are almost packed as we prepare to head to the boyfriend's family reunion weekend in the Somerset, Pennsylvania (the county courthouse is pictured above) area.  We will stay in Somerset although the actual reunion on Saturday is just across a large hill from the Flight 93 memorial site).   As I have noted in the past, in addition to the family reunion activities each year we have what we call meetings of the "Ya Ya Brotherhood" - a group of gay friends some of whom are local and some of whom likewise have family reunions the same weekend each year.  Sadly, one couple - and they know who they are - are supposedly not coming this year.  We are NOT happy!!  And since I know they read this blog daily, they are hereby put on notice that we WILL talk about you if you're not present to protect your interests.  Since you know the members of the brotherhood all too well, you know just how catty and bitchy we might be.  We hope you reconsider!  The boyfriend and I are bringing the martinis for tomorrow night and dinner reservations have been made for Sunday night.  Hope you reconsider!!!  Call us if you change your mind.  xoxoxo


gdouglasw said...

Send the martinis to eastern PA! xxoooo

Michael-in-Norfolk said...

Gdouglasw, you will need to come and get them. They are pre-mixed as I type this comment and will be chilling in the cooler as we head north! You know where to find us.