Thursday, August 09, 2012

Ann Romney's Horse Loses to Gay Riders

In a case of strange irony, Ann Romney - whose husband has pandered to the nastiest anti-gay elements in the Christofascist GOP base - had her horse, Rafalca, go down to defeat in the Olympics to a gay rider on the British team (pictured above) AND a gay rider on the Dutch team.  Either God (i) doesn't take sides in the Olympics, (ii) isn't out to smite gays to favor the modern day Pharisee set when it comes to athletics and horseback riding, or (iii) doesn't like the greedy out of touch Romneys.  Whatever the case, I personally found the irony most sweet.  Here are highlights from The Advocate:

Great Britain's dressage team, which includes out equestrian rider Carl Hester won gold on Tuesday, while Team USA, featuring Jan Ebeling riding Ann Romney's horse Rafalca, placed sixth. Tuesday's win earned Hester, 45, his first Olympic medal.

The German team won the silver medal and the Dutch team, featuring out rider Edward Gal, took the bronze.

Romney, wife of presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney, said she was not disappointed that Ebeling and Rafalca would not advance to the individual round.
If Ann Romney sees herself as a GOP version of Evita Peron who can connect with what I'm sure she sees as the lower classes, she needs to seriously think again.

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