Saturday, February 05, 2011

Christopher Interviews Anne Rice on Her Decision to Leave Christianity

The last couple of days at work have been insanely busy and somehow I managed to miss this interview on The Advocate. I want to thank the reader that directed me to it. It is excellent and in it Anne Rice lays out many views that match my own including why the Christianists are so viciously anti-gay because normal, loving gays in committed relationships threaten the Christianist house of cards faith tradition. She also correctly describes Catholicism under its current leadership as immoral and sums up the lunacy of William Donohue and his more or less one many operation Catholic League. She likewise notes that some denominations such as the Episcopal Church, the ELCA and United Church of Christ are gay accepting even if they contain continue to retain reactionary elements and fail to challenge the message of hatred that is the predominant message of far too many denominations. The interview is in four separate video clips, but well worth the roughly 20 minutes it takes to watch the full interview.

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