Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ken Cuccinelli, Eric Cantor and GOP Congressmen Support Hate Groups

I noted yesterday how Family Research Council and other groups registered as anti-gay hate groups and not yet registered hate groups were starting a campaign to recruit organizations and politicians to "stand in solidarity" with the organizations named by the Southern Poverty Law Center ("SPLC"). Remember, to be registered as a hate group by SPLC, it takes much more than merely stating religious beliefs. To be registered, a group and/or its spokesman/woman must disseminate known falsehoods and seek to slander and denigrate an entire segment of the population. Collectively, as noted by Right Wing Watch, the SPLC anti-hate groups have advocated or disseminated information supporting the following things:
Pretty strong stuff and certainly far beyond mere statements of religious belief. So who do you think has signed on "in solidarity" with such statements? Not surprisingly, a veritable who's who of the extremist religious right, including a The Family Foundation here in Virginia and Virginia's , in my view, mentally disturbed Attorney General, Ken "Kookinelli" Cuccinelli and Virginia Congressman Eric Cantor who, although Jewish, can never seem to kiss enough Christian Right ass. Also standing in solidarity are a number of Focus on the Family affiliates and the following Republicans:
Senator David Vitter - (R-LA)
Senator Roger Wicker - (R-MS)
Congresswoman Michele Bachmann - (R-MN)
Speaker-designate John Boehner - (R-OH)
U.S. House of Representatives
Majority Leader-elect Eric Cantor - (R-VA)
Congressman John Fleming, M.D. - (R-LA)
Congressman Trent Franks - (R-AZ)
Congressman Louie Gohmert - (R-TX)
Congressman Jeb Henserling - (R-TX)
Congressman Jim Jordan - (R-OH)
Congressman Steve King - (R-IA)
Congressman Donald Manzullo - (R-IL)
Congressman Kevin McCarthy - (R-CA)
Congressman-elect Alan Nunnelee - (R-MS)
Congressman Mike Pence - (R-IN)
Congressman Joe Pitts - (R-PA)
Congressman Peter Roskam - (R-IL)
Congressman Steve Scalise - (R-LA)
Congressman Lamar Smith - (R-TX)
tives Congressman Fred Upton - (R-MI)
Senator Jim DeMint - Senator
Virginia Ken Cuccinelli - Attorney General
Yes, the list includes the ever teary eyed Mr. Boehner among those members of Congress who don't give a rat's ass about the U.S. Constitution's guaranty of freedom of religion for ALL citizens, not just a certain brand of Kool-Aid drinking Christians. As such, ALL of the signatories ought to resign from office because they clearly are not supporting and upholding the U. S. Constitution.
It would be nice to see main stream media news anchors and commentators asking these elected officials on camera why and how they justify supporting hate groups. Maybe Tom Brokaw will give it a try since he seems to want to give a free pass to groups like FRC.

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