Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Glenn Nye Campaign - A Study in Arrogance

Admittedly, a candidate cannot be everywhere and react to every constituent concern but, the candidate IS responsible for the conduct and demeanor of his/her staffers. Campaign staff become critical and they can make or break a candidate's election chances. When a candidate is too remote and unresponsive, the arrogance of campaign staffers becomes even more potentially fatal - a phenomenon that seems to be the hallmark of Congressman Glenn Nye's re-election campaign. I've been involved in politics and around campaigns for longer than many of the youngest staffers have been alive. So have a number of my friends. And we are all beyond unhappy with unresponsive Mr. Nye and his arrogant staffers.
For example, it seems that Mr. Nye and/or his minions are to busy to even respond to one good friend who helped launch his campaign two years ago. No one it seems can even be bothered to respond to a letter sent to Nye. Another friend is similarly outraged by Team Nye. And personally, when speaking to Nye's campaign yesterday about the now cancelled event that was to be hosted at our home, the staffer involved was arrogant and all pissy to me. The result: our yard sign is down, the bumper stickers have been stripped off the cars, and we're not lifting another finger for Nye. His team seems to think they are too good for would be supporters.
Nye is in a tough race and literally needs every vote he can get - a fact apparently lost on Nye's staffers. While I cannot stand the man or his politics, I suspect that Scott Rigell will be the next Congressman for the 2nd District of Virginia. And the fault will lie with Nye, his staff, and the none existent leadership in the White House. Even my elderly aunt is asking hard questions of Nye as shown in today's Virginian Pilot:
Ninety-five-year old Katie Kalina scowled as she raised her hand after hearing U.S. Rep. Glenn Nye talk about his work in Congress. "Do they have any idea whose money they're spending or do they care?" Kalina asked. Nye paused. "That is a very tough question to answer," he said. The Virginia Beach Democrat went on to say during the campaign stop last week that he shared Kalina's frustration.

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