Monday, May 04, 2009

Guess Where Sexually Transmitted Disease Occurs the Most

UPDATED: I checked out the full story ay the link below and all of the rleated maps of the seven deadly sins and for the most part the highest incidence for each is concentrated in the Bible Belt.
Kudos to Bob Felton for this terrific find. As Bob notes:
When Kansas State geographers decided to map the rate of sexually transmitted diseases in the United States at county level they discovered — What do you know? — that they occur with the greatest frequency throughout the Bible Belt. Nobody should be surprised. The Christian denigration of sex (see Calvin and marriage) doesn’t suppress sex, it merely sends it into unwholesome underground channels. And so much, once again, for the ‘family values’ schtick.
The hypocrisy and damage done by those who seek to police the morals of everyone else is stunning.

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The Honourable Husband said...

But not in Utah, I notice.


In a beautiful coincidence, the word-verification today is "horing".