Thursday, February 05, 2009

Further Reflections on Stable Gay Relationships

Last evening I had yet another opportunity to experience another situation that demonstrates the base lies put out by the enemies of LGBT equality such as Peter LaBarbera and Matt Barber. Namely, that gays are incapable of maintaining long term, stable, committed relationships. The occasion was dinner at the home of one of the boyfriend's long time friends and mentors and his partner. One of the boyfriend's always elegant and wonderful friends/clients also joined us.
The boyfriend's friend is a quintessential Southern gentleman in the best sense - not to mention a wonderful story teller - and between his activities as a retailer, collector and estate appraiser he has assembled a wonderful collection of antiques and art in a comfortable, beautiful "lived in museum" like setting. He and his partner have been together for many years and as was the case in the commitment ceremony anniversary events over the past weekend, the love and affection of this couple is palpable. That relationships like this couples and the ones witnessed over the weekend are equated with incest, etc., by the likes of Rick Warren is a travesty and it demonstrates just how evil and mean spirited our enemies truly can be.
Our strongest weapon against our foes is to live openly and honestly because it shows the lies disseminated by those who hate us - yes, they do hate us despite the bogus claims of "hate the sine and love the sinner."


Unknown said...

This is something I hope and long for in my life. To find, and live with the love of my life openly and honestly. That is my prayer.

Anonymous said...

Well of course gay couples can stay committed! I have a straight female friend from my work (who's been like a support group to me in the worst of times), and she knows both a gay AND a lesbian couple. She said that the partners in both couples are very happy together, and they've been together for years.

Love is all it boils down to. It always has. The small-minded just can't seem to comprehend that...