Monday, November 17, 2008

December 10th 2008: Day Without a Gay.

Here is some updated information on the "Day Without Gay" scheduled for December 10, 2008. Note, that the effort now has its own web site: Given the huge organizing success of Join the Impact and the nationwide protests this past Saturday, one has to wonder what the Hell HRC and other alleged gay rights organizations are doing when a few talented individuals can organized a larger turn out and protest that the well funded organizations. Or are those organizations too afraid to be confrontational? I know that HRC did absolutely nothing to help one of my clients who was fired by a state museum for being gay. HRC did not want to "upset" the politicians it had gotten all chumy with. Here's the updated information:
There was some confusion about the date, but two organizations proposed this great initiative and we combined into one. On December 10th, we ask that the LGBTQ community Call in Gay! Don’t go to work, don’t consume, don’t contribute to this economy at all… instead, contribute to your community through volunteer work, community outreach, and social outreach. We are taking a new spin on boycott. During the busy shopping season where analysts have year over year numbers, we want to watch the graph dip as we take our tax dollars and keep them. Instead, we will give to the organizations that need our time and help. We are taxpaying citizens who contribute to this economy. We deserve legal protections from our government and marriage provides 10,000+ legal protections that are not awarded to our families!
Oh and for the closet cases afraid of identifying themselves as gay and who typically sit back and let others fight their battles, there's this:
If you live in one of the 30 states where individuals can still be fired simply for being gay or lesbian, there are still plenty of ways that you can lend a hand and a voice in our fight for gay equality--without missing work. CLICK HERE for actions you can take RIGHT NOW!

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