Monday, April 28, 2008

Stop AFA's Attacks on Procter & Gamble

I noted this story earlier today but have been unable to post until now due to an extremely long day at the office. Then a reader sent me the message set out below and I decided I had to help get the word out. PLEASE call Protor & Gamble - (800) 331-3774 - press #2 and then #1 - to hang tough and not give in to the hate merchants at AFA (i.e, American Family Assoication), one of the most dishonest and hateful of the Christianist organizations. As I have noted before, AFA is utterly lacking in integrity and morality inasmuch as it is STILL marketing materials by false and discredited "ex-gay" Michael Johnston whom I personally had a hand in exposing as a lying fraud back in August 2003. Anyone writing or calling Protor &Gamble might want to reference the Michael Johnston case as how dishonest and untrustworthy Wildmon and AFA are in reality. If Don Wildmon is worried about morality, he needs to clean up his own cess pool organization first, starting with telling the truth for once.
P&G Corporate Relations can also be contacted as follows:
Rotha Penn - Corporate External Relations
513-612-0312 (after hours)
Paul Fox - Corporate External Relations
513-884-2592 (after hours)
Robyn Schroeder - Corporate External Relations
513-807-4762 (after hours)
Here's the information a reader sent to me:
I'm not sure how big your readership is, but I'm trying to spread the word about a little controversy in the media going on right now. As the World Turns is the only daytime soap to feature a gay couple, and they got huge flack from conservative organizations last year when they kissed. Since then things have been almost platonic between them - every other couple kissed on the Valentine's Day episode, they had a hug. The writers and Proctor and Gamble (who own the show) decided enough was enough, and in two episodes last week they kissed again.
The American Family Association caught on to this and have sunk their teeth in with a media blitz. They have sent out an alert to their 1 million+ email subscribers, they have a link to the story on the front page of their site, and an action alert page telling people what they can do Proctor and Gamble has taken note of this, and actually set up a phone-in voting on their 800 line where, in two clicks, callers can say whether they want the who story axed or not . The author who posted that video also has the Luke and Noah story on his page, if you're not familiar with it. The kiss in question happened during the most recent episode.
I'm emailing everyone I know or people who might know alot more people than I do. Many people get AFA's emails, I wouldn't be surprised to find this on Focus on the Family's site by the end of the week, and I wasn't going to take it sitting down. Thanks for posting, or even just calling in to vote.

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Billy said...

Cannot call the number from my side of the world, but know that I stand behind this all the way. It's time that the world starts facing the facts that we (gay folk) can have loving, comiited relationships and that this can/should also be portrayed in the media as such...

Hope you're keeping well M.