Saturday, September 08, 2007

Diocese settles abuse claims for $198M

Yet another huge sexual abuse settlement against a Roman Catholic diocese, yet still no disciplinary action by the Vatican against the bishops and cardinals who allowed the abuse and cover ups go on for decades. Over $2.3 billion in pay outs in the USA alone. Meanwhile, Benedict "the Nazi Pope" XVI thinks he can dictate what is moral and what is not. The man is unbelieveable. He's as delusional as Chimperator Bush and just as disingenuous. Here are highlights from the Virginian Pilot's story (

SAN DIEGO (AP) -- The Roman Catholic Diocese of San Diego said Friday it has agreed to pay $198.1 million to settle 144 claims of sexual abuse by clergy, the second-largest payment by a diocese. The agreement caps more than four years of negotiations in state and federal courts. Earlier this year, the diocese abruptly filed for bankruptcy protection just hours before trial was scheduled to begin on 42 lawsuits alleging sexual abuse. Bankruptcy could shield the diocese's assets, but a judge recently threatened to throw out the bankruptcy case if church officials didn't reach an agreement with the plaintiffs. The San Diego diocese initially offered about $95 million to settle the claims. The victims were seeking about $200 million.
Sex abuse by Roman Catholic priests has cost the U.S. church at least $2.3 billion since 1950. Some of the largest known payouts to victims since the crisis erupted in 2002 include:

- Archdiocese of Los Angeles, 2007, agrees to pay $660 million to about 500 people.

- Diocese of San Diego, 2007, agrees to pay $198 million to 144 people.

- Diocese of Orange, Calif., 2004, $100 million for 90 abuse claims.

- Diocese of Covington, Ky., 2006, up to $84 million for more than 350 people.

- Archdiocese of Boston, 2003, $84 million for 552 claims.

- Diocese of Oakland, Calif., 2005, $56 million to 56 people.

- Archdiocese of Portland, Ore., 2007, agrees to pay about $52 million to 175 victims to emerge from bankruptcy protection; sets aside another $20 million for any future claims.

- Diocese of Spokane, Wash., 2007, agrees to pay $48 million for about 150 claims to emerge from bankruptcy protection.

- Diocese of Sacramento, Calif., 2005, pays $35 million to 33 people.

- Archdiocese of Louisville, Ky., 2003, $25.7 million to 243 victims.

- Diocese of Tucson, Ariz., 2005, agrees to fund a settlement trust worth about $22 million for more than 50 victims to emerge from bankruptcy protection.

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