Saturday, September 08, 2007

Anxious Saturday Morning

It's Saturday morning and I came by the office to check for news that might have come in late from my divorce attorney. I'm a bit uneasy - I woke up to a text message my youngest daughter, sent last night which states: "I heard about court. Please don't do anything stupid."

Obviously, she is referring to the divorce case and my overdose attempt last October after a particularly horrible 5 hour hearing where the judge ordered me to pay support in an amount way more that I could possibly pay. Hopefully, it won't be too bad. My soon to be ex-wife is sure set on destroying me. She has turned out to be a very evil person. She drove me into debt and viewed me as an ATM and now she seeks to drain every last penny from me.
I spoke with my attorney, who has not received anything from the Court yet. He is going to see what he can find out, although with it being the weekend, I may be left in turmoil all weekend.
I cannot stress enough to those readers who are in the closet and contemplating marrying someone of the opposite gender - DO NOT DO IT. IT WILL RUIN YOUR LIFE AND HAUNT YOU!!!!!


Lyndon said...

Don't let Michael's message fall on your deaf ears. 27 years ago I almost made the same mistake (and I hate to put it that way). Thank God I didn't, the whole relationship and circumstance of me having feelings for men just didn't sit well with me (at best at that time you could have called me bi-sexual). Had I gone through with the marriage, there is no doubt I would have been in the same boat as Michael and countless other men. If you are not sure, DON'T, better to be safe that sorry.

daveincleveland said...

i agree, listen to this man,he knows what he is talking about....god knows i wish i had acted on all the wonderings back almost 30 years ago....but we had to do what society and parents expected of us back then...if you have these feelings at all,.DO NOT GET MARRIED.....follow your will be a whole lot happier in the end